Mo Show
Schedules for all the 2017 Mo events (clinics, competitions, etc.) are or will be posted below.  Finals rounds (night portion) with actual group names will obviously not be available until the results of the day rounds are provided and performance order is established for the finals (will occur approximately 6:30 pm on February 11, 2017).
Mo show choirs  (we are using only one venue – the “new” gym)
Daytime schedule posted below (click on the image for printable pdf version) – updated 2-6-17

Finals schedule
7:25 pm: Middle school winner (Classic Edition)
7:45 pm: 2nd place high school solo competition (Emily Lawler)
7:50 pm: 1st place high school solo competition (A.J. Borroz)
7:55 pm: 1st place middle school solo competition (Lucci O’Donnell)
8:00 pm: 4th Avenue Jazz
8:25 pm: New Creation
8:50 pm: Side One
9:15 pm: Happiness Inc.
9:40 pm: Free Spirit
10:05 pm: 10th Street Edition
10:30 pm: Celebration (exhibition)
10:55 pm: Final awards

Solo competition

Mo Vocal Jazz Festival (click on image below for printable/pdf version)

Mo Jazz Band Clinic
9:00 am: Waterloo West 2
10:00 am: Waterloo West 1
11:00 am: McKinley MS
12:00 pm: Prairie Point 1
1:00 pm: Franklin MS
2:00 pm: CR Jefferson
3:15 pm: CPU Middle
4:15 pm: CPU High
5:15 pm: Central DeWitt

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