Mo Show

2017 Results:

Night/Finals Results
Grand Champion: 10th Street Edition
1st Runner-up: Free Spirit
2nd Runner-up: Happiness, Inc.
3rd Runner-up: Side One
4th Runner-up: New Creation
5th Runner-up: 4th Avenue Jazz
Best choreography: Free Spirit
Best vocals: 10th Street Edition

Soloist Competition Results
1st Place, Middle School: Lucci O’Donnell (McKinley Classic Edition)
2nd Place, High School: Emily Lawler, Indianola
1st Place, High School: A.J. Borroz, Indianola

Daytime Prep, 9th Prep, 1A, 2A, 3A, & Open Results
9th Prep Grand Champion: Chanteurs, Kennedy
Prep Grand Champion: Protege, Kennedy
Prep 1st Runner-Up: In Step, Linn-Mar
Prep 2nd Runner-Up: Flip Side, Indianola
1A Grand Champion: Eagle Rock!, Keota
3A Grand Champion: New Creation, Marion
Women’s Grand Champion: Hi-Style, Linn-Mar
Competitors qualifying for night/finals round, listed purely in completely random order, NOT in any ranked order of any sort. Please note only varsity is eligible, no Prep or 9th Prep.
– New Creation
– Happiness Inc.
– 10th Street Edition
– Side One
– 4th Avenue Jazz
– Free Spirit
Day Round Best Female Soloist: Addie Bass, City High
Day Round Best Male Soloist: Sean Ryan, Papillion-La Vista
Prep/Women’s/9th High Energy Award: Revelation
Prep/Women’s/9th Most Effective Use of Costuming: Heart and Soul
Prep/Women’s/9th Best Ballad: In Step
Prep/Women’s/9th Most Creative Show: Hi-Style
Prep/Women’s/9th Best Opener: Chanteurs
Prep/Women’s/9th Most Effective Closer: Flip Side
Prep/Women’s/9th Best Stage Crew: Protege
Prep/Women’s/9th Most Inspirational Song: City Lights
1A/3A Best Ballad: Eagle Rock!
1A/3A Most Creative Show: New Creation
Open Class High Energy Award: Free Spirit
Open Class Most Effective Use of Costuming: 10th Street Edition
Open Class Best Ballad: Happiness Inc.
Open Class Most Creative Show: Side One
Open Class Most Effective Closer: 4th Avenue Jazz
Daytime Best Band (High School): Papillion-La Vista
Day Round People’s Choice (High School): Free Spirit, Papillion-La Vista
Day Round People’s Choice (Middle School): Adrenaline, Taft

Middle School Results
Middle School Grand Champion: Classic Edition
Middle School 1st Runner-Up: Adrenaline
Middle School 2nd Runner-Up: Velocity
Middle School High Energy Award: Illumination, Franklin
Middle School Most Effective Use of Costuming: Star Elite, Wilson
Middle School Best Ballad: Double Time, Excelsior
Middle School Most Creative Show: Velocity, Vernon
Middle School Best Opener: Ovation, Oak Ridge
Middle School Most Effective Closer: Adrenaline, Taft
Middle School Best Stage Crew: Classic Edition, McKinley
Middle School Most Inspirational Song: Regeneration, Roosevelt
Middle School Best Band: Classic Edition
Middle School Best Vocals: Classic Edition
Middle School Best Choreography: Classic Edition
Middle School Best Male Soloist: Ian Wolverton-Weiss (Classic Edition)
Middle School Best Female Soloist: Lydia MacInerny (Classic Edition)

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