Mo Show

Mo Show 2014!

This year’s show was a great time and we hope everyone is resting up a bit, but also getting things ready for next year’s show choir season!

Need the 2014 results?  Head to the Results page!

#MoShow2014: Thank you to everyone who jumped in on Twitter. 

Thank you, judges!  We were honored to have a top-notch panel of judges and we thank them immensely:

Joel Nagel – Band Judge
Anne Chapman – Auditorium critique
Cameron Sullenberger – Auditorium critique
Vicki Jacobsen – Auditorium Table Judge
James Thompson – Auditorium Table Judge
Ryan Riewerts – Auditorium Table Judge
Terry Shaffer – Gym Caption Judge
Ben Eklund – Gym critique
Nancy Allen – Gym critique
Gerry Kreitzer – Gym Table Judge
Steve Woodin – Gym Table Judge
Allen Chapman – Gym Table Judge
Duane Davis – Vocal Jazz Judge; Solo Judge

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