Mo Show
Thank you to all who attended and performed in Mo Show 2017!
All results (including finals) are posted on the Results page.
Final schedule is posted on the Schedules page.
Vocal Jazz clinician: Jennifer Barnes
Jazz Band clinicians: Steve Shanley (Coe), Chris Merz (UNI), Kyle Engelhardt (Cedar Falls HS)
Show choir table judges: David Fog, Gerry Kreitzer, Jim Kimmel
Show choir band judge: Ben Schmidt
Show choir solo judge: Lynne Rothrock
Show choir caption judge: Terry Shaffer
Show choir critique judges: Mike Weaver, Jacob Jones

Parent/Directors – please read: We always ask that if you have student-performers who are ill, please consider the health risks they pose to themselves and others at the event.  We understand that you and your student-performers have worked hard to participate in Mo Show, but please consider the long term and far-reaching effects that one ill person in a crowded environment can pose. Please monitor the health of your student-performers before and during the contest. While we understand the disappointment of missing a performance because of illness, we all need to protect the health and safety of our Performing Arts communities during this particular time of year.

Mo Show wishes to thank UnityPoint Health for being our primary/title sponsor for Mo Show 2017 – THANK YOU!

Mo Show 2017 photos  Previous years’ Mo Show photos are available under the About tab.

A couple quick FAQs:
1)  Are you on social media, do you provide updates online and what’s your hashtag? Good questions.  Yes, Mo Show is on social media. Our Twitter and Instagram are @MoShow2017, our hashtag is #MoShow2017 and you can find us on Facebook with a search for “moshowcompetition”. Updates and results will be posted online on this site within seconds of being physically announced at the show.
2)  Can I get a video? No.  Mo Show cannot shoulder the liability for others who choose to not comply with the copyright laws for their performance material, so Mo Show will sell no videos.
3)  You guys take lots of photos. Can we get copies? Are release forms required? Each year, we take over 1,000 photos. Our goal is to try and capture each student-performer in at least one performance shot (yes, we also crawl up on stage to try and get shots of the bands). Our photos are freely available for download – enjoy them. Mo Show is a public event in a public location (public school), so there is no legal requirement for release waivers required of subjects. We expect there to be no for-profit, commercial use of our pics.
4) Does Mo Show have first-aid? Yes, we have a First-Aid station, several wheelchairs for emergency use only and some really awesome first-aid personnel to assist you, if needed.

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