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MoShow20logo Congratulations!  Congrats to Linn-Mar’s 10th Street Edition for earning the Grand Champion honors in the evening round.  All the results are on the Results page.

The 20th anniversary of Mo Show:  This was the 20th anniversary of Mo Show and we were absolutely thrilled you chose to be a part of this weekend.  It is your participation, your energy, your passion to perform that always makes this such an awesome event.  From all of the Cedar Rapids Washington student-performers, directors, faculty, administration and patrons/supporters, THANK YOU for making this both a great weekend of competition and a wonderful celebration of 20 years of inspiring performances!

Judges: Mo Show wishes to thank our gracious judges: Dave Fog, Dr. Pete Eklund, Greg Grove, Kevin Chase, Duane Philgreen, Terry Shaffer, Ben Schmidt, Jay Burken, Michelle Philgreen, Diane Thayer, Nick Quamme, Ines Cring and Duane Davis.

Parent/Directors: If you have student-performers who are ill, please consider the health risks they pose to themselves and others at the event.  We understand that you and your student-performers have worked hard to participate in Mo Show, but please consider the long term and far-reaching effects that one ill person in a crowded environment can pose. Please monitor the health of your student-performers before and during the contest. While we understand the disappointment of missing a performance because of illness, we all need to protect the health and safety of our Performing Arts communities during this particular time of year.

Mo Show 2016 photos   You can also check out other years’ Mo Show photos under the About tab. (please note that only the first 1000 photos display through the window below – a bug with Picasa.  You can also check out all the 2016 photos in Google Photos

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