Mo Show
MoShow20logo The 20th anniversary of Mo Show:  1 week away???  Awesome!

Registration:  The online registration forms for show choirs and solo competition are both available under the Registration tab.

Judges: As always, we are honored to have a top-notch slate of judges! Currently, judges include Dave Fog, Dr. Pete Eklund and Greg Grove as table judges in they gym, Kevin Chase and Duane Philgreen as critique judges in the gym, Terry Shaffer as the Caption Awards judge in the gym, Ben Schmidt as Band judge in the gym, Cameron Sullenberger, Michelle Philgreen and Diane Thayer as table judges in the auditorium, Nick Quamme and Ines Cring as critique judges in the auditorium, and Duane Davis for the vocal jazz clinic.

Homerooms, schedules, menus/prices?  Just click away on the menu bar above and all your questions will be answered!

Parent/Directors: If you have student-performers who are ill, please consider the health risks they pose to themselves and others at the event.  We understand that you and your student-performers have worked hard to participate in Mo Show, but please consider the long term and far-reaching effects that one ill person in a crowded environment can pose. Please monitor the health of your student-performers before and during the contest. While we understand the disappointment of missing a performance because of illness, we all need to protect the health and safety of our Performing Arts communities during this particular time of year.

Lots of photos – Since Mo Show 2016 hasn’t happened yet, we don’t have photos of it to share, but check out 2015 Mo Show photos below in the meantime! (they are also available under the About tab – Mo Show 2015 photos).

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#MoShow2016: What would a show choir competition be without its own hashtag?!

– New this year will be Periscope broadcasts throughout the day.   We will NOT broadcast full performances. Snippets? Quite possibly! Performance warmups and walkins? Very likely! Some of the off-stage fun that is Mo Show? You bet!  If you don’t know what Periscope is, think of it as live video in Twitter – you can learn more right here.

There’s been some questions about when Periscope broadcast will be and how to know when they start. Easy: follow @MoShow2016 and the Periscope broadcast announcements will magically appear in your timeline.  We are targeting an early broadcast (6:45 am or so) of the north gym (warmup area for high schools), the path to the new gym, and the new gym itself (all prior to start of competition).  We will also do a broadcast from the cafeteria (12:45 pm), a broadcast of the auditorium (middle school performance area) just prior to Franklin Middle School’s performance (1:10 pm) and others to be announced (possible stream the daytime awards).

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