Mo Show

Thank you to everyone who attended Mo Show 2015 and please mark your calendar for Mo Show 2016: February 13th!  This marks the 20th anniversary of Mo Show!

Results?? They are on the Results page, of course!!!

Lots of photos – go check it out…well, right below! (they will also be permanently under the About tab – Mo Show 2015 photos).

Thank you to our wonderful Mo Show 2015 judges:

Luke Johnson, gym scoring
Justin Sands, gym scoring
Gerry Kreitzer, gym scoring
LD Kidd, gym critique
Kevin Chase, gym critique
Matthew Walker, middle school critique
Nick Oswald, middle school critique
Diane Thayer, middle school scoring
David Fog, middle school scoring
Kelly Truax, middle school scoring
Lynne Rothrock, solo contest judge
Terry Shaffer, caption judge
Joel Nagel, band judge
Shelly Armstrong, jazz judge

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#MoShow2016: What would a show choir competition be without its own hashtag?!

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